Whether you are feeling under the weather, blah, or totally disliking your cat/dog/kids/husband/wife/life/job/the color green/ fill in the blank (we don't care what you write,) grab this tea. It takes you from crappy to happy.

It turns everything including those ugly step-sisters into Cinderella. Seriously.

The combination of ginger, alfalfa, blackberry leaves, lemon verbena, spearmint, marshmallow, orange peel, anise hyssop, and hyssop just rocks your world.


A nice kick in the butt ginger taste with great herbs that sing in the chorus.

Wait, is it too spicy, you ask?

This tea is not an in-your-face type of ginger tea. All the herbs get a say with this blend so it is nice ginger blend without ginger being the predominant taste. You taste a burst of ginger at the end of each gulp.

Some say it is spicy and others say it isn't spicy since they drink fresh ginger daily. So, it depends on your ginger tolerance. If you find the ginger is too much, just add some honey or more water. If you find it isn't spicy enough, you ginger lovers, just grate some fresh ginger into the tea cup as it steeps.

In any event, the ginger is taking numbers and no nasty germs or bad moods are leaving the room without their coats.