Happy Tummy Happy Life (15 pyramid tea bags)


Let's get serious. When the plumbing isn't work right, your whole life is in the crapper. Seriously.

I would rather have a bad cold then a stomach ache any day of the week. (Who agrees?)

So if your tummy is happy, so is your life. Plain and simple.

Happy Tummy, Happy Life Tea is such a poetic name, don't you think? We thought so too since we spent way too much time talking about our stomach issues and not enough time having fun.

So in walks Happy Tummy to save the day with it unique blend of fennel, cinnamon, blackberry leaves, peppermint, lemon balm, and anise hyssop.

Even if you have a good Tummy, why not make it better? This tea just keeps things purring and humming alone. We think of it as our after meal liquor.

(By the way, Happy Tummy, Happy Life used to be called Tummy Tamer but the later name just didn't give it the magnitude and depth it deserved. Sometime if you love something, you have to let it free to be themselves. Hard lesson to learn as tea parents. We let this Tea free. You know who is running the ship? Yep. Your Tummy.)


Like a muffin. Seriously. The cinnamon flavor is so amazing with its undertones of fennel taste. As a cold tea, it tastes like big red gum. So yummy.

I drink this tea even when my stomach is happy because I just love its warming taste.

So what happens if I don't like the taste of fennel seed (which is a light licorice taste?) My husband dislikes licorice but will drink this tea because the cinnamon softens the fennel taste. However, if you would rather gag then drink licorice, then move on to The Best Damn Mint or Feeling Groovy. Both are great for your tummy.