Our Farm Market is Open

Wed-Friday 10 am to 4 PM
Saturday 10 am to 2 PM
We are open everyday for local pickup and delivery of online orders.

Our heaven on earth

We are a 16 acre privately owned family farm in beautiful Chester, NJ. We have a passion for rescuing animals, homesteading, beekeeping, food, photography, art, music and anything nature. We hope what inspires us may inspire you. 

Check out our online store to bring a little piece of our farm to your table. 

Our Featured Animal of the Week

Handsome Boris our sweet Vietnamese pig was adopted from the Barnyard Sanctuary located in Blairestown, NJ. He was rescued from a home where he was terribly neglected.  He now lives a happy smiley life here at our farm.  He loves belly rubs and bananas.  His best friend is Otis the miniature donkey. He loves a roll in the mud or a splish splash in his baby pool.  We think he may have the sweetest cheeks on the farm.

Live gently upon this earth