We offer Bee Education at our neighbors Whiitemore Community Cultural and Conservation Nature Center located at 7 Rockaway Road, Oldwick, NJ.  

All classes need to be scheduled directly with us.  We will happily reschedule for weather as quickly as possible.

Classes are available on Tuesdays at 9 or 10 am and Saturdays and Sunday afternoons.  This is pending confirmation with us directly.  Other dates may be available and we can work with your schedule if need be. 

Intro to Beekeeping ($50 per person) approx. 1 1/2 hours

Topic Covered:

  • Hive Parts and Assembly
  • Bee Health and Hive Maintenance
  • Bee Purchasing
  • Honey/Wax/Pollen Harvesting and Extracting
  • Experiential in hive learning (Bee suits required) 

All about Honey Bees and Nature Talk ($28 per childand $18 per adult) approx. 1 hour

Topics Covered:

  • Using our demo hive we explain the life cycle of honey bees
  • The honey bees role in nature
  • Products we use from the hive
  • Tour of our bee garden
  • Honey Tasting

We will also have honey for purchase on site and bee suits for children who wish to go close to the hive